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Karen Wolfe is an award-winning BBC Radio 4, Village Writers, and Aesthetica Literary magazine short story writer. She has produced 6 novels in the 'Seers' comic fantasy series, (featuring the indomitable Granny Beamish) as well as 'Blackrigg', a gothic comic-fantasy....all coming soon!


​She is currently writing 'Dogdays', the final novel in the Georgie Crane 'dog whisperer' trilogy, which will be published during 2017.

'This is your Pack-Leader speaking', a How-To/How-Not-to guide for the hapless dog-owner will follow in 2018.

Karen also runs a successful dog-training club, reads voraciously, listens to anything from Sibellius to Seasick Steve, and drinks far too much wine.
Her literary efforts remain largely unappreciated by her husband, two children and six grandchildren, but everyone, particularly Monty, the Giant Schnautzer, and new pack-member, Arlo (a Viszla of Hungarian nobility) likes her banana-bread.

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