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ISBN-10: 184923129X

Meet Granny Beamish: telepathic, telekinetic, Highmistress of Barlesham Seers' Guild, and scary with it .It's all about Mindpower: if you think she's turned you into a mouse, you'd better re-home that cat!
War's been declared on the Guilds: some renegade Seer is systematically destroying them, burning out minds and turning Seers into Outsiders...just like you and me.
As Grandmaster Tukesley Meredith, man of honour, battles the troublesome succuba that haunts his bed, the Unsighted are on the move, and the last pair of breeding unicorns is being hunted for its unique Essence.
Can the hapless CrackCrack squad decide the Battle of Brim Knap? Can Granny and her dwindling band of allies defeat the odious Undermaster Coy (only in it for the sex-toys and the Ceremonial Underpants) and his chocoholic, control-freak Boss before the unicorns are dogmeat and the Seers' heritage is lost forever?

Seers' Moon

ISBN-10: 1906558787

Granny Beamish, newly-invested Grandmistress of the Seers' Guild has more than enough on her plate. For starters, the man who jilted her is back, fifty years on, demanding tea and a second chance at Love. Then there's a reluctant werewolf roaming the countryside, hotly pursued by Killer Calhoun, pitiless Bounty Hunter and stalker of Supernaturals, who collects Skins and enjoys pulling the wings off fairies. Before you can say dog-warden, the Wolf Patrol (a Bartlesham Council Public-Protection Initiative) is on the prowl, and Warg the were-wimp is running scared as that old irresistible moon lures him deeper into the danger-zone. Aided by one ageing mongrel, nine stroppy sheep and a couple of hungry griffons, Granny's up against Killer Calhoun and his murderous check-chain, both hell-bent on the ultimate trophy of Warg's pelt....all this and a late-in-life Proposal she really doesn't need...

A Sackful Of Shorts


This diverse selection of short stories, many of them prize-winners, from Hornsea Writers, represents the variety of the medium, and of its talented contributors. There's something for everyone: dive into the sack and sample humour, sci-fi, romance and much more.

In amongst them you'll find 'Squirrels', Karen Wolfe's Aesthetica Arts magazine and BBC Radio 4 award-winner.

Dogsbody (e-book)


Dogsbody (paperback.)


ISBN-10: 1985279029


Book two of the Georgie Crane trilogy.

Out February 8th, 2018

Georgie Crane has a lot going on, and it's all a bit close to home. There are dognappers in the neighbourhood, stealing family pets for ransom. Worse, organised dog-fights are escalating, bringing DI Matt Turnbull, and all those long-forgotten feelings, back into Georgie's life.

Add in her waste-of-space brothers, autocratic cat-loving mother and the urgent hunt for an assistant dog-trainer with the right qualities, and it's small wonder there's no time for a romance which may or may not have a future.

Will Matt's newly-formed Cani-Crime team, (aided by Brenda, urban guerilla dog-saviour) bring down the dog-fighters?  Will three resourceful kids and an ancient, curmudgeonly Chow be enough to stop the dognappers? And will Georgie finally take Matt upstairs to see her rosettes?


Georgie Crane, dog-whisperer, is a woman who can't say no....hence her sixteen-strong bunch of canine hooligan last-chancers.

A body in the dyke, a trophy-seeking lurcher: before she knows it, Georgie has managed to withold vital evidence from the fanciable DI Matt Turnbull (widower, dog-man, and all-round nice-guy. Has she blown her chances with him, or will she succeed in identifying the dead man, linking him to a second fatality and exposing a calculating killer?

Where will she find the time to re-habilitate the untrainable (dogs) re-educate the clueless (owners) organise a charity Fun-Day, win over the dog-hating neighbour who would see her evicted, quash her ex's reconciliation plans, and, more importantly, get together with Matt?


Book three of the Georgie Crane comi-crime series. Coming in Spring 2018.

Dogwatch: (e-book)


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