COMI-CRIME...with hard edges.

Have I invented a new genre? Not really. The Georgie Crane trilogy comes under the umbrella of what has always been known as 'cosy crime.' Doesn't that sound nice? Arms-length, off-page murder, mentioned in passing, spoken of in hushed short, killing without the nasty bits. Painless passing; without fear or suffering and most of all WITHOUT SPILLING BLOOD!

Which seems a bit wrong to me. Dressing up any death somehow diminishes a life lost, even if it is a fictitious one. There's plenty of darkness in the world, and that should be acknowledged....but bubbling up from the shadows, there is also humour....possibly humanity's saving grace. I'm more than happy for comedy to sit alongside tragedy, maybe sharing a pint or a glass of wine over opposing viewpoints. Partners in comi-crime.

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